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Smit Dharamshi, A Prakashian, is the state topper at the CET 2017 Leave a comment

All of us at Prakash College are extremely happy with the CET results this year as Smit Dharamshi has topped the state along with another boy. He has secured the highest marks in the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test which is the common entrance examination for engineering and pharmacy. He has got 197 marks out of 200 and he shares his credit with the ability and motivation of his teachers at Prakash College.
We met him after the results were out and he seemed to be in a relaxed and happy mindset. So we asked him some questions hoping it will motivate other students studying in Prakash College and other colleges.
Congratulations on your outstanding performance in CET 2017, Are you surprised?
I am not really surprised as it was my goal to top the CET. And I have worked very hard for it. I have solved umpteen question papers and have toiled day and night for it. And now when I know that I have realised my dreams it makes me amazingly happy.
What are the key factors behind your spectacular success in CET 2017?
Hard work and motivation from my teachers and family.
Would you like to share a little about your family? How supportive were your family members in your preparation phase?
My family has been extremely supportive and the most important factor was that they had immense faith in me and knew that I could achieve this goal of mine. They have helped me in every possible way.
Which field of Engineering would you like to pursue your career? and why?
I would like to take up mechanical engineering. I have a natural inclination towards machines and would love to create new machines for the future generation.
According to you, what was the overall difficulty level of the exam? Which subject was the easiest and which was the toughest?
Since I solved many sample papers, the question papers seemed not that difficult to me. But I am sure those who didn’t prepare well would have found it difficult. I love maths and hence found it easiest and in my opinion this year the physics paper was tough.
This year, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding poor performance by over 70% who appeared for CET 2017. Why do you think majority didn’t quite scale up?
In my opinion it could be the distractions around us and the inability to focus due to the distractions that our generation faces. And yes, there is no shortcut for hard work.
What are your hobbies? How often could you pursue them?
I love swimming and playing badminton. I was regularly swimming and playing  badminton even when I was preparing as they act as a stress buster and helped me focus better.
At prakash college any particular faculty you would like to partner in your success? 
I would like share credit with all my teachers. They have worked hard with me and never flinched from explaining something twice or as many times as I would ask them. Without them, their motivation and positive outlook I wouldn’t have been seeing this day.
Would you like to share with Prakashians any particular strategy or any planning while facing the CET exam?
Yes, focus is very important and hard work. Once you learn something, try and answer as many question papers as possible. And keep an eye on time. Time management is key.
What are your future goals? 
I wish to pursue mechanical engineering. And I would not like to disclose any other details at the moment.
The Principal of Prakash College is very pleased with this result. And recognises the efforts of the teachers as well. He is even more pleased as in 2015 another Prakashian, Tanmay Borade, had topped CET in Mumbai. And Smit Dharamshi has taken it one step forward. The successive achievement gives him immense pleasure and he is all set to motivate the next batch to do even better.

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