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Experience the grandeur of Prakash Peth, the annual extravaganza at Prakash Degree College. Held every December on our campus, this event is a celebration of talent, creativity, and community spirit. Watch as the principals of Prakash, Manas, and Pratham Colleges inaugurate the event, setting the stage for a day filled with fun and excitement.

Featuring over 25 stalls offering a variety of experiences, Prakash Peth is a vibrant showcase of our students’ skills and innovations. This year, we introduced a Coupon Stall for a more organized experience. Stalls were allocated through an auction process, adding a touch of excitement and competitiveness.

As the day unfolds, immerse yourself in the festivities, capture the moments, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of Prakash Peth and the unity of our college community.

Prakash Degree College of commerce and science Celebrated 11th Annual “Prakash Peth”  the most awaited event for all Prakashians was celebrated on Saturday, 23rd December 2023 at Prakash College from 2.30 PM onwards. All the students of Pratham College, Manas College and Prakash College (day degree ,Junior and night college)  participated in the events . In all there were 21 stalls of food, accessories, clothing, etc. The Event was successful and filled with Fun, Food and Entertainment.