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The College Sports Department plays a crucial role in promoting physical fitness, sportsmanship, and teamwork among students. It provides a platform for students to participate in various sports activities and competitions, helping them develop their athletic skills and well-being. The department is responsible for organizing and managing sports events, maintaining sports facilities, and supporting student-athletes in their pursuits.

Here is an introduction to the college Sports Department and its key personnel:

College Sports Department

  1. Mission: The Sports Department’s mission is to encourage student participation in sports and physical activities, foster teamwork and leadership, and promote a healthy lifestyle. It aims to provide students with opportunities to excel in various sports and represent the college in inter-college and national competitions.
  2. Services: The department offers a range of services, including organizing sports events, providing training and coaching, maintaining sports facilities, and offering health and wellness programs.
  3. Facilities: The College Sports Department oversees and manages various sports facilities such as sports fields, courts, gyms, and fitness centres, ensuring they are well-maintained and accessible to students.

Special facilities like Sports Scholarship to students like 25 % TO District Level & Inter Collegiate & Division and Inter Zonal Level 50 %  to State level and Krida Mahosatav (Aswamedh) & 100 % to National level & West Zone National & AIU National.

Sports Director: Dr. Tribhuvan Singh

Role and Responsibilities: The Sports Director oversees all aspects of the college’s sports programs, including organizing events, managing budgets, coordinating with coaches, and promoting student engagement. The director works closely with faculty, staff, and students to ensure the smooth functioning of sports activities.

Background: Our college Sports director is highly qualified and experienced in the field of physical education and sports administration. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Education and has received specialized training in Health and Physical Education. His expertise and dedication to sports have earned him recognition and accolades, including the District Award for Best Sports Administrator, awarded by the Guardian Minister Hon Shri Aaditya Thackeray and Hon District Collector Shri Milind Borikar and District Sports Officer Suvarna Bartakke. His involvement extends beyond the college to various state and district associations, where he serves in key leadership roles. As a member of the Selection and Tournament Committee of the Maharashtra State Association, he plays a crucial part in organizing state school sports tournaments. Additionally, he contributes to the University of Mumbai Sports Committee, helping to shape the sports landscape at the university level. His comprehensive experience and commitment to sports make him a valuable asset to the college’s sports program, fostering an environment of excellence and opportunity for students.

Vision: Our college sports director envisions a sports program that prioritizes the holistic well-being and success of student-athletes. His vision is to provide players with access to top-notch facilities and experienced coaches who can guide them not only in their athletic pursuits but also in their academic endeavors. He believes that students should be able to enjoy their college experience without the pressure and stress often associated with high-level sports. His approach emphasizes balance, ensuring that student-athletes can participate in various sports and maintain a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. By fostering a supportive and stress-free environment, he aims to help students thrive both on and off the field.


The College Sports Department employs a team of experienced and dedicated coaches who provide expert training and guidance to student-athletes in various sports disciplines. Here are introductions to some of the key coaches:

Coach Mr. Shekhar Bhanji

Sport: Football

Experience: He has experience of 18 years of coaching various age groups in various clubs, schools,s, and colleges. He has completed id D License in Football training.

Coaching Style: His coaching style is typical football training he believes continuous practice hard work and team are his key motives.

Achievements: Our Team is one of the best Boys teams in Mumbai Suburban District in Junior as well as in Degree College. Last year our team secured 3rd Position in the Inter Collegiate Football tournament organized by the University of Mumbai Zone No II.

Coach Mr. Akash Arsul

Sport: Kabaddi

Experience: He is a Professional Pro Kabaddi player playing high-level competitive sports. He has represented the Maharashtra team in many National Level Tournaments. He is also playing for Banks and Oil Corporations. This gives a good platform for our college students to get trained under his guidance. It is very helpful. His coaching experience is 3 years.

Coaching Style: His training and coaching approach has made a tremendous change in the level of play and players are getting the opportunity of best and quality coaching and match practice.

Achievements: Due to his coaching last year our Junior college was among the top 3 colleges in Mumbai. This year our Junior college team won the Championship in the Boys section. Degree College Men’s team started building well & will be in the medal bracket in some years.

Coach Mr. Shailesh Tripathi

Sport: Boxing

Experience: He has coaching experience of more than 10 years. He is a National level boxing player who played at the Junior and Senior Levels and the All India University Level. He is a trained Boxing Coach with a Coaching Certificate and a Referee Certificate from the State Association.

Coaching Style: His coaching is dedicated and he believes in basic level according to him grassroots training should be hard and have regular checks on player growth and progress. His coaching style is typical so that injuries are avoided.

Achievements: His coaching has brought many laurels to our Junior college Boxing team Boys and Girls and Same in Degree College Men & Women team. For more than 5 to 6 years we won the Junior College Championship for boys & girls and we won the women’s championship in Degree College too. He has produced many state-level and National level players under his guidance.

Coach Mr. Karan Rai

Sport: Softball & Baseball

Experience: He is a National Level player in both the games of Softball & Baseball. He has been coaching in our college for the last one year.

Coaching Style: His coaching style is energetic and dynamic. His prime focus is on fitness and his ability to take pressure and perform in tough situations.

Achievements: His coaching has brought many achievements to the college our junior college Boys and Girls team won District, Division, and Played at State Level in Softball. In baseball, our team Secured 3rd position at the District level. Our Degree College Men’s team won 1st place in the Inter-Collegiate Baseball Tournament Organized by the University of Mumbai Zone II and many players were selected Maharashtra Team and the University of Mumbai Team.

Coach Mr. Rajkumar Gupta

Sport: Judo

Experience: He is a well-qualified and trained coach for training players he has experience of more than 8 years. He is also Coaching and Officiating at the State Level & National Level. He is a certified coach by the State Association.

Coaching Style: His coaching Skill and ability to bring students on the Judo mat is commendable. He generates high-level coaching with risk-free and injury-less techniques.

Achievements: His achievements have brought a good scope in this game for our students. In the first year, we have more than 10 District medallists and 4 Division level medallists.

We also have:-

  • Softball & Baseball

  • Chess

  • Carrom

  • Table Tennis