Pay Fees


Dear Aspirant to Higher Education,
Thank you for considering Prakash College as an institution of choice for pursuing higher education. Just like the sun gives light to all, our college believes in spreading the light of education to everyone. We strive to create new paradigms for equality and empowerment. This serves as the guiding spirit for the vision and mission of this college.
The college launches its students on an exciting journey of discovery of the world outside and the potential within. It is a veritable hub for total personality development. The college can boast of an academically sound and committed faculty. Seminars, workshops and extra-curricular activities serve to open new windows beyond the curriculum, through interface with other experts in academia and the industry.

We aim to kindle in our youth a passion for research, innovation and creativity. Professional training is imparted in the areas of sports and performing arts. Several avenues are available for experiencing the emotional rewards of service to the less fortunate, such as NSS and the Women’s Development Cell. The college has an excellent infrastructure that includes computer laboratories, internet access, a library with computerized catalogue and issue systems, classrooms fitted with audio-visual gadgets, renovated science laboratories with latest model equipments.
Extremely courteous and helpful administrative staff is always available to guide the students through all procedural formalities. It is the constant endeavour of the college community to help all its students acquire a cutting edge advantage in whatever path they choose to pursue after graduation. I hope you will be among the privileged to be our fellow traveller in our journey of discovery and capacity building. I extend my best wishes to you for fulfilling your aspirations.
I/C Principal
Mrs. Dhanshri Mota