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Our NSS unit conducted a RAILWAY SAFETY AWARENESS AND CLEANING CAMPAIGN on the Saturday morning of 30th December

* Students from out N.S.S unit gathered at Kandivali Railway station and also on the public skywalk with an aim of spreading awareness about cleanliness and public hygiene.
* Informative and colorful posters were prepared by the students for the purpose of spreading awareness about their cause.
* The cause was simple and vital. They walked around Kandivali station and on the station’s platform informing people the importance of cleanliness.
* They didn’t stop after talking about cleanliness and the hazards caused by the lack of it, they brought their own preaching into action by cleaning the platforms themselves.

Seeing young college kids picking up brooms and cleaning a public place surely made an impact on every passing person who saw them, it also gave the young collegians a sense of responsibility towards society and taught everyone involved that change doesn’t occur, it has to be brought by us.

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