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Congratulations Rushabh Gosar for scoring 99.996% percentile in CET examination. Leave a comment

Congratulations Rushabh Gosar for scoring 99.996% percentile in CET examination. You have made your dreams come true. What an achievement.

When asked about how did he managed to find time to study while having so many distractions like social media, television etc, Rushabh said that time management was his key. He studied with full focus and only after the satisfaction and understanding of grasping the subject; he watched television and checked social media. Rushabh suggests that students should use their phones wisely minimise use of social media and should avoid loading games that waste lots of study time.

According to Rushabh, HSC board papers were more subjective and theoretical type while CET exam was of objective nature. He found HSC examination tougher comparatively with that of CET.

Rushabh studied from government textbooks and solved the previous year’s papers.

Rushabh thanked his parents for their full support and his younger sister Vrushti who is in 5th standard who encouraged and supported him a lot.

Rushabh would like to pursue his career in MBBS and will later decide which speciality to choose. He is still not sure which speciality he will choose as of now, but still we know that he will achieve best results in the medical field. He has no plans about settling abroad.

Rushabh suggests to next batch of students to practice a lot, solve the papers and MCQs. Follow their professor’s instructions completely and finish their work on time and also to take care of their health.

Rushabh whole heartedly thanked Prakash College, Shirish Sir, Mindsetter’s classes, his family and friends without whom such grand score was not possible.

We all thank Rushabh on behalf of Prakash College. We wish him great success, happiness and good luck.










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