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Congratulations Dhruvi Doshi on scoring 99.985% percentile in CET examination. Leave a comment

Congratulations Dhruvi Doshi on scoring 99.985% percentile in CET examination. What a great achievement and what a score!

Dhruvi had studied well and was fully prepared and confident to achieve the high percentile. When asked to compare the HSC and CET exams, she said they were different formats and she found HSC exam much easier than CET. Dhruvi studied tirelessly, maintaining a regular routine is her secret of achieving high marks in all exams so far. But for CET exam, she worked extra hard with high level of commitment. She believes in healthy balance in life. When asked if she were getting distracted by social media and television, she preferred to study than getting distracted. This is an important lesson for next batch of students, to keep their priorities right.

Dhruvi wholeheartedly thanks her parents, younger brother and sister for supporting her in her studies. She thanks her mother for taking care of her with meals, taking her to college and classes and Dhruvi also thanks all her professors for encouraging her time to time.

Dhruvi would like to pursue engineering in IT from VJTI. She is interested in computers and would like to pursue career in the same field. Regarding career she is clear to take her training at a reputed company to begin with and then climb the career ladder.

Dhruvi prefers to study in India and may go abroad for specialised study. She is happy about the education system in India provided we should constantly update ourselves by reading and surfing internet regularly for more information. She added one more important point and that is to convert the learning into practice and work accordingly in our daily work life.

Dhruvi whole heartedly thanked Prakash College, her family and friends without whom such grand success was not possible.

We all thank and congratulate Dhruvi once again on behalf of Prakash College. We wish her great success, happiness and good luck.

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