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“Every new friend is a new adventure… the start of more  memories.”

            The Friendship Day celebration was organised by our Cultural committee & by our Management for our students. The students tied the friendship band to their friends. It was not only students who celebrated the day, even teachers & non teaching staff members celebrated the occasion. All students tied the friendship bands to their teachers also . It was a happy moment to see all teachers & students tying bands to each other with love & affection. 

The music was arranged for the students to add more joy & happiness in their day . The students were dancing on top of the beats & the whole campus was enjoying the moment. It was the wonderful event where students got the opportunity make new friends.

All our staff members (teaching & non-teaching) tied bands to each other & celebrated the moment. Our dear Management Trustees Mr Shirish Gandhi & Mrs Bhavana Gandhi also celebrated the day with all staff members very gracefully & tied bands. 

It was a very joyful moment for students as well as staff members.


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