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Plastic Ban Rally Triumph

Prakash College, renowned for its commitment to environmental causes, took a significant step forward in the fight against plastic pollution by organizing a massive rally on the pressing issue of plastic ban. On the vibrant morning of July 17, the college campus buzzed with enthusiasm as 229 students from FYJC and SYJC, along with 20 National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers and 15 staff members, came together to raise awareness and advocate for a greener future.

The rally served as a dynamic platform to educate and inspire the community about the harmful effects of plastic on our environment. Clad in eye-catching white and blue attire, the participants marched through the city streets, chanting powerful slogans and holding up banners with messages advocating for a plastic-free society.

Led by college faculty members, the rally showcased the collective determination and commitment of Prakash College in taking responsibility for the environment. Students from diverse backgrounds united under a common cause, expressing their passion for a sustainable planet. The energetic involvement of NSS volunteers further bolstered the rally’s impact, bringing an added sense of purpose and community engagement.

Through this rally, Prakash College has set the stage for ongoing initiatives and collaborative efforts to combat plastic pollution. By empowering the youth to take the lead, the college has sown the seeds of change, fostering a collective determination to be a greener, cleaner future for generations to come. Prakash College’s rally on the plastic ban has undoubtedly left an indelible on the community, inspiring hope and encouraging positive change.